Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Trust and Personal Information

How much personal information—and what types—are people willling to share with online merchants? What encourages and discourages such sharing? The "2005 Online Consumer Permissions Study" conducted by the Ponemon Institute and online marketer Dotomi provides some insights.

The survey—billed as "the first-ever study about consumer response to opt-in communications on the Web that is respectful, relevant and personal to the consumer"—queried nearly 1,800 people nationwide. While the findings generally support the notion that people are willing to share information with merchants with whom they have a trusted relationship, it's a good reference for those involved with e-commerce sites.

You can download the report from this page on Dotomi's site. Oddly, Dotomi requires your name, title, company, city and e-mail address without clearly disclosing what it will do with that information.


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