Thursday, March 17, 2005

Attention Corporate Bloggers!

Chris Locke—the Chief Blogging Officer—has a suggestion for companies that would like to co-opt blogging by making it about themselves, not end-users and customers:
I'd like to not-so-humbly hint to all the suits out there in CorporateLand who are wondering how they're going to "leverage" blogging in "their operations" that they should be paying close attention to what's going on just beneath the radar here on CBO. Those aren't Chinese subs, you fools! They're potential customers. But if you create blogs that don't tell stories, aren't the least bit funny or irreverent, but only read like thinly disguised advertising copy, then those potential customers are going to treat you like Chinese subs -- and send Tomahawk missiles straight up your RSS.
This is Locke at his Gonzo Marketing best. (You'll have to read the entire post to get the part about Chinese subs.)


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