Friday, March 11, 2005

Friday Favorite: UIE Articles

Ya gotta love Jared Spool and the team at User Interface Engineering (UIE) for their consistently interesting, occasionally provocative, always practical articles on all things UX.

Take a gander at the articles index, listed by date and by topic. There are the "numbered" items (examples: Seven Common Usability Testing Mistakes; Six Steps to Ensure a Successful Usability Test). There are interviews (examples: Rolf Molich; Ginny Redish). Topics range from branding, personas and search to user behavior and usability testing.

Of course, UIE isn't offering all this good stuff for purely intrinsic reasons. There's the marketing motive too (and I can't deny that's one reason behind UXCentric!). But the sales pitches—if any—are subtle and counter-balanced by good information. And it's easy to stay up to date by e-mail or RSS.

No matter how it's delivered, I'm always glad to see what's on UIE's mind.


Anonymous Chris McEvoy said...

You can also see the UIE articles A to Z at where you can see how popular the articles are based on their google backlinks.

I have also got a handy list of usability reports (including the UIE ones) that rank them by measures such as "cost per page", "price" and "popularity".

7:16 AM  

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