Friday, October 07, 2005

What I've Been Doing

Yeah, I know. The pickings have been slim here at UXCentric. Mea culpa. I've been busy with the usual project stuff (including some stimulating user research for a corporate portal) and some extra-curricular activities.

For example, my latest column—One Size Fits None?—is now live at Kelly Goto's gotoreport. It's my rant about those hopelessly extravagant job descriptions for information architects—you know, the ones that require everything but the kitchen sink (although plumbing experience would also be welcomed). My point? I wonder if such job requirements (and our acquiescence to them) do a disservice both to our end-users and our young craft. Give it a read and I'd love your comments.

And while you're there, don't miss the other great articles in this edition of the gotoreport.

I also edited a new addition to gotomedia's site—a resource center listing the best books and Web sites on Web design. All modesty aside, I think this is an outstanding source of great information about our passion and discipline, culled from my six years of reading and scouring the Web.

Finally, I recently finished reading an advance copy of Ray Kurzweil's provocative and predictive The Singularity is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology. It's a truly fascinating look into Kurzweil's vision of the future, jam-packed with reports of astounding technical breakthroughs. I'll soon post a thorough review of the book as well as reflections on what Kurzweil's predictions may mean for user experience.


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