Thursday, February 10, 2005

The Beat of IA

After noting that most information architecture (IA) is "built on a simplistic presumption of efficiency," Andrew Dillon suggests a new direction of exploration:
Is there a temporal aspect to interaction that we should acknowledge? Surely there is a pace that leads to the best fit for each of us between tool and task, between goal and accomplishment, between resource and purpose. Sometimes making it faster just works against making it better, and I am not sure where this insight finds resonance in information architecture or systems design. The rhythm of interaction is partly set by the underlying design choices and that makes it matter of IA for me. Pace, timing and rhythm; theres a whole world of information architecture yet to be done.
As a musician, this really strikes a chord (sorry!) in me. Music indeed contains its own IA—one distinct from the forms found on the Web and containing such variables as rhythm, texture, tone and more. Dillon is right; there is indeed much to consider here for the future of IA.


Blogger Mark Ranford said...

Grat point about something we often overlook... In fact its relevant when considering blog conversations vs IM converstations or even teleconferences...speed can diminish the quality of discussion.. blogs create a new form of dialogue with a new rhythm of its own, that lets converstaions take place at a pace that is well suited for higher quality converstaions than telphone/IM's. Email rarely becomes a place for high quality discussion for some reason, other platforms are too slow or just not right... Blogs seem to have just the right pace / rhythm to encourage better quality conversations... Thanks for the thoughts... Mark

7:41 PM  

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