Friday, February 04, 2005

Friday Favorite: Web Design Reference

Over the years, I've collected dozens of links on UXCentric topics. So every Friday, I thought I'd share one of the best—and we begin with what is one of my very favorites.

Web Design References (from the University of Minnesota Duluth's Information Technology Systems and Services) is exactly what its name implies: A vast listing of resources about Web design. Categories span the alphabet from "Accessibility" to "XML" and the number of links is breathtaking. The lists are subdivided by germane topics; for example, the Usability page includes "Benefits and ROI," "Chunking," "Consistency" and "Definitions"—and there are at least 16 others. This may be the most comprehensive collection of UXCentric links on the Web.

The mastermind behind Web Design References is Laura L. Carlson, who deserves much applause for her efforts. Read more about WDR here. You can also join a listserv with weekly announcements of the newest links. It's one of my favorite sources, and you'll often seen WDR credited here at UXCentric.


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