Monday, February 21, 2005

Theories of Experience

My brain has been churning away on my contribution to Jon Strande's 100 Bloggers book project. (I'm still flattered as hell at being included.) The book is a great idea. As Jon puts it, the purpose "is to push blogging further into the mainstream - to give people a taste of what blogging is all about and extend an offer for them to join us. Inclusion. Community. Participation." What I think is really cool was the invitation process. Twenty-five bloggers began; each invited another blogger, who invited another, who invited another—mimicking the linkages that unite the blogosphere.

But I digress. Since I don't have to write about blogging, I'm exploring the idea of UXCentricity. What is user experience and why is it so important? What is it about UX that makes me (and others) UXCentric—eccentrically orienting our vocations and careers around it? Why would I or anyone blog about UXCentricity?

In the process, I've been trolling the Web for UXCentric people and ideas. Here's one you might like: Jodi Forlizzi offers a collection of summarized theories on experience in an effort to help designers understand what it's all about. She also offers her own framework and links to resources. It's a great place to get your UXCentric neurons sparking!


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