Friday, March 18, 2005

Friday Favorite: Alertbox

Great usability alone doesn't make a great user experience. But a great user experience must have great usability. That's one reason why today's Friday Favorite is Jakob Nielsen's Alert Box: Current Issues in Web Usability.

Love him, hate him or grudgingly acknowledge his contributions, Nielsen is one of our most powerful advocates for Web usability. Sanctimonious and self-promoting at times, he never misses an opportunity to preach the gospel of great usability to anyone who will listen. And for this we owe him a great debt.

Alertbox is Nielsen's biweekly bully pulpit, the place where he shares his latest ideas, summarizes the findings of the Nielsen Norman Group's helpful and reasonably-priced research reports (thanks!) and offers practical guidance on all things usability.

It's must reading for UXCentrists.


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