Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Players and Privacy

Do people worry about privacy when using their MP3 players? According to Larry Ponemon of the Ponemon Institute, 78 percent do not—but that trust can be quickly eroded.

In Darwin's latest issue, Dr. Larry Ponemon reports that only 44 percent of respondents to a recent survey "believed that the MP3 player or its manufacturer collected information about the user's music selections, titles and preferences." Nearly two out of three are unsure or don't believe that their MP3 player or its manufacturer shares personal information with third parties.

And if that sense of privacy is violated,
[M]ost respondents said their trust and confidence in the MP3 player would be diminished if they learned that third-party sharing of their information took place without disclosure and their permission. About 53 percent of subjects believe that users of MP3-related information should obtain explicit permission before acquiring personal data when downloading songs into the device.
So what do you know about your MP3 player? Is it sharing information about your music choices with others without your knowledge? Exactly what kinds of information? Where would you go to find out? Would you know how to opt out of third-party sharing of information? How easily you can find the answers is a measure of your player's and music providers' UXCentricity.


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